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4 Things to Remember As We Return to the Gym After Quarantine

Unless you've been blissfully unaware, the world has been struggling through a pandemic. It has been a life-changing event. A large majority of us have been stuck in our homes for months. If you are like me and own a business, your business has been shut as well (mine shut March 16th and I still have no re-opening date). For months, we have only left our homes to venture out for essentials such as food, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and wine. We have worked, done all our shopping, and exercised from the comfort of our homes. Now, the world is slowly reopening. We are being allowed to leave the confines of our homes and socialize with other humans. While only small groups are allowed, that's still better than seeing the same faces we've seen for months. (Don't send me hate mail, I am a wife and mother who loves her husband and son dearly, but I am tired of their faces. I would like some face-to-face female interactions. Please send help!)

As we head out into the big world, many of us are looking forward to going back to our gyms (those that are left, RIP 24 Hour Fitness) and getting back to our workout routines. As a gym owner, there are 4 very important things I'd like each of you to remember. Write these 4 points down and post them in a location you see daily.

1) Be Kind to Yourself

You are not where you were 3 months ago before this pandemic shut us all down. You may have gained weight or lost weight during this time. You may not be able to lift the same amount of weight. You may not have as much stamina when starting back on your exercise routine. IT'S OK! Allow this time to be a new beginning. Speak kindly to yourself. Do what you can now and know you will get back to where you want to be! Don't get angry at yourself and call yourself names when you can't do "what you use to". Give yourself breaks and time to get back. If you push yourself too hard right now, you risk injury and even more set back. Look in the mirror and love the person you are today. Acknowledge and accept the choices you made during this closure. You can't go back in time. All you can do is move forward with kindness and patience to the person you are becoming.

2) Be Kind to Others & Don't Judge Them

We are all coming out of an unprecedented situation. There is no handbook or outline on how to cope with a pandemic. We have no idea how difficult these times have been for everyone around us. Maybe you were able to keep working out and ate perfectly during this time, but not everyone was able to. Maybe you stayed in tip-top shape during the pandemic, but many others and myself didn't. Do not judge others at the gym! Don't make comments about people's weight (gain or loss). Instead, be supportive of everyone's efforts to be healthy. Encourage those around you and be thankful we are all able to be out again and that we are healthy enough to be at a gym.

3) Be Kind & Patient to Gyms (and any other businesses)

As a gym owner, I will be the first to tell you that things will be different when we reopen. We will have to space people out and cap class sizes, possibly check temperatures, not allow equipment to be shared, provide ample cleaning and sanitizing times, modify formats, and possibly much more. Please be kind and try to understand we are doing our best. We have to follow state, county, and city guidelines. We have to do what's also best for all our clients while protecting ourselves and our own families. Understand there will be attendance caps on classes and you may not be able to join the class. (We wish we could pack our studio more than you do. 3 months of a closed business isn't a great spot to be.) Don't be frustrated when we check your temperature for the 5th day in a row. (We don't want to be checking your temperature at all, but we absolutely don't want to be fined or shut down for not following guidelines.) Please follow the requirements provided by each business. They are there to make things go smoothly and to protect you as the customer and us as the business. Please show support and roll with us as we continue making adjustments as the rules change. We have missed all of you so much and we have worked hard and stressed a lot to save our businesses. Be kind to each business you come across. Remember, we are the lucky ones who are able to reopen.

4) Remember Everything You Learned

Quarantine wasn't a party, but we learned a lot. We learned that slowing down isn't always a bad thing, but for some, it wasn't a good thing. We learned that family is important. We learned to appreciate our community. We learned to think about how our actions affect others and how other's actions affect us. We learned that our health is important, but it can easily be taken away. As we prepare to leave our homes, remember to take the lessons learned and apply them. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to restart your life the way you want. Don't push yourself to the breaking point. You don't have to cram a million things into your days. Spend time with your family just being a family. Make time for yourself, and give your health a little more priority.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon and hope that each of you can remember the 4 points above and help make this transition easier for everyone.

HeniFitness is a fitness studio in Fremont, California. The fitness studio was shut down on March 16, 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. At this time, the studio is still not able to reopen but is hoping to open at the end of July or beginning of August. The studio has survived by offering virtual classes and virtual one-on-one personal training and health coaching sessions. If you are interested in joining one of the studio classes, you can sign up at www.HeniFitness.com/schedule


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