• Brittany Shafsky

Benefits of Joining a Fitness Group

Updated: Sep 11

A Google search for “Benefits of joining a fitness group” will provide you with over 600 million hits (633,000,000 to be exact).  On the first page you will see titles such as “4 Benefits of Group Exercise”, “20 Reasons to join a gym", and "The Perks of Group Fitness" by Harvard.

A study published by the American Osteopathic Association said, "Group exercise participants showed significant improvements in all three quality of life measures: mental (12.6 percent), physical (24.8 percent) and emotional (26 percent). They also reported a 26.2 percent reduction in perceived stress levels. By comparison, individual fitness participants on average worked out twice as long, and saw no significant changes in any measure, except in mental quality of life (11 percent increase)." (Here is the link)

Basically, group fitness can lower stress and improve the quality of your life which is something we can all use a bit more of! Digging deeper, you will find common themes running thru each article which brings us to our own personal list of 4 reasons why joining a fitness group has its benefits.

1) Accountability - Whether you are joining a free community group or buying a gym membership, someone is expecting you to show up.  

2) Structure - Someone else designs and tells you what to do. Most of our days are filled with our own personal decision making.  We made the decision to show up!  Now let a group leader help you with the next steps.

3) Environment - Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can make a huge difference and seeing others working out motivates us to push ourselves.

4) Motivation - Motivation comes and goes, but having friends, workout partners, and instructors to encourage you can help keep your motivation high.  

In summary, exercising with others has a lot of benefits when it comes to physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you are looking for a group to join in the East Bay Area - here are some options:

  • HeniFitness - You can join virtual and outside group fitness classes, a running group, and participate in group challenges.

  • Meetup.com - there is a group for everyone here!

  • Start your own!  Grab your friends and get moving! If you need a trainer to lead your group sessions and build a plan for you, we can help! You can email us at info@henifitness.com

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