I love coming here! Brittany is great and has helped me with my back issues while I was pregnant.  She knows what she is doing and the great thing is that she LOVES what she does. She has motivated me to continue working out and to also fall in love with it.

Irasema A

I became so strong after coming to Henifitness classes . Brittany helped me cure my severe sciatica and lumber pain. So much motivation and support given by Brittany and all the instructors . Can't imagine a day without going to Henifitness . I wish all the good luck to Brittany and Henifitness .

Sneha K

For years I have been searching for my workout “home”, and I have finally found it at Henifitness. I chanced upon the gym, due to a well placed street sign, when it was still being finished. I’d grown bored with my normal workout routine; I missed the camaraderie of past gyms, and this seemed like it could be a great fit for me. My first workout at Heniftiness was just days after their official opening, and I’ve never looked back. Every single time I work out there I am dripping sweat and having a great time. I have made friends here that I never would have met otherwise, all while improving myself. I have overhauled my fitness and nutrition routines through working with the instructors at Henifitness. My work there has made me proud of my body and myself. I feel stronger, faster, and more fit than before. The instructors there constantly challenge you with new moves and exercises; keeping you on your toes and striving for new heights. I never feel judged, I always feel challenged, and I am guaranteed to have a good time as soon as I walk through the door. Working out no longer feels like a chore, but something I enjoy and look forward to. I would highly recommend Henifitness. It has been a joy to watch them grow and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.


Rachel G

I was never the type of person to go to the gym.  I never wanted that commitment, and lets be real, I never liked to work out.  Then I started going to Henifitness.  It doesn't feel like a gym when i go, it feels like a home.  Everyone at Henifitness wants you to become the best you! they encourage you and don't make you feel like you are competing with anyone else but yourself.  I am so happy I found Henifitness.  I enjoy going to the gym and getting a good workout in, and for that I thank Henifitness!

Heather P

I am grateful to have the opportunity for private yoga sessions with Irma.  While there are many yoga styles to choose from, not all styles have been a good match for my needs and abilities.  I contacted Irma for help with loosening up a tight hip joint/IT band.  I had just finished a physical therapy sequence which helped immensely with strenthening exercises,  but I felt that I had not quite identified stretching excercises that helped as much. From the first session, Irma came  with a personalized yoga style (yin) and sequence of poses specific to my needs.  I noticed a significnt improvement in range of motion after the first session, the effects have been lasting as I incorporate the poses into my regular routine.  Irma is a knowedgeabe and careful instructor, who is passionate about many yoga styles and the improvement they offer to one' s overall well-being.  I highly recommend personal training with Irma!


The HeniFitness team is amazing.  Never a dull workout here.
Something for everyone every day​.

Sara B.

Great small group classes, wonderful people! Makes it fun to get in shape.

Monika McMahan

This more than a fitness center it is Home where I feel a closeness to the instructors ( family, friends).. where I go to chat get wellness advice and to become the healthiest version of me. Brittany the owner as well as the rest of the team Des, Jackie , Mer I have known for years I am so happy to say" I knew you when" .. Jenny is a fantastic addition to the mix a wealth of knowledge. And Sara for her humor and sassiness . Can't wait to watch the business grow.

Lupe C

Today was amazing!!! Well, every visit is just as amazing as today actually :) every time I come, they offer a different variety of training/routine, which I love! It's never boring! I FINALLY found the place I've been looking for a long time! To more workouts!!!

Joy R

I've always been looking for a gym with small group classes in Niles area and I was very happy when Brittany opened HeniFitness . I've tried their first strength class when they opened in Oct and fell in love with the place instantly. From then, I am at HeniFitness atleast 4x a week. I tried strength, kickboxing, sprint and yoga classes. All the classes are very good and challenging. The trainers are amazing, super-friendly, knowledgeable and motivated.  Brittany is so creative with the exercises and hardly repeats them. I look forward to her class to try new exercises. Meredith classes are very challenging and she is full of energy in every class. Jenny kills you with the bear crawls and cones! Jennifer's energy in the kickboxing class is addictive. The trainers push you to give your best and it is an amazing feeling after the class. For me, it is the best part of my day. 
Please try their classes and I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Sushma K

I had a rough 2017 and let myself go. I had no motivation to start working out until My did n law told me about this place and I attended my first class. It's the first time in my life Where I look forward to working out. I like the strength training classes. they have done wonders in just 4 months. I love tabata with Brittany. And Jenny has a way of coaching that pushes you to want to work hard and produces results. I would love to see Friday evening and more weekend strength classes. Good job Heni!

Jameelah S

Brittany makes the workouts fun and interesting each time. This keeps me motivated to keep coming, even for the 6 am workouts!

Sandra W

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